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Heart of Noise Festival 2013, Edition 01, limited edition vinyl, cd & digital download, pre-orders started



Official Heart of Noise Edition 01 (honed01), Album “Inside” by Lissie Rettenwander.

Cover-artwork by artist Christoph Hinterhuber.

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Kongress über Mut, Trailers


Video, Sound, Graphics - Design by Mr SelfDestruct
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Interviews by Carmen Brucic & Sara Joana Müller with Ute Bock, Gültaze Ekici, Bruno Fischli, Martin Katz, Wilhelm Pfeistlinger and The Vienna Boys’ Choir.

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Akhtamar - Die zweitausendjährige Oper: Kapitel 8, Variation #V, The City & The Cowboy ft. ALM & Die Behörde Live: Recorded Live at the opera’s staging day 5, 26.6.2012, Treibhaus Innsbruck , Austria. Freeflow Music / Improvisation.

Camera: Thomas Bergler

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Special Guest Appearances by Band Members Of Die Behörde & ALM at ‘Akhtamar, die 2000-Jährige Oper’


We had the pleasure to improvise together with band members of ALM at Akhtamar, Die Zweitausend-Jährige Oper and do the music and additional sounds and effects during the staging of the opera on day 5 & 6, named here “Variation V & VI”. These tracks are total improvisations and were recorded live on 20.6.2012 & 21.6.2012, Treibhaus Innsbruck, Austria. We deeply feel honoroured to have worked with such a talented crew like the Akhtamar Crew. Our deepest regards belong to Keiji Peron, the boss & head of Akhtamar, for giving us the opportunity.

Track Contribution along with Akhtamar’s outstanding master band:

Lissie Rettenwander (ALM, Die Behörde): Vocals, Lyrics, Zither, Delays, FX

Andreas Stecher (ALM): Drums, Additional FX

Bobby Malhotra aka Mr SelfDestruct (Die Behörde): Synthesizer


special thx to … for the mxe.
Lossless WAV Download enabled! Enjoy & spread the word if you like it

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Lissie Rettenwander & Mr SelfDestruct, Accompanied Music for reading by Herbert Fuchs (Live)


Recorded live at Herbert Fuchs’ reading 26.6.2012, Lothringer 13 Halle, Munich, Germany.

Lissie Rettenwander: Vocals, Lyrics, Zither, Delays, FX.
Mr SelfDestruct: Enough Jägermeister for the crowd, Synthesizers, Samples, Live Mix
Olga Strizhova: Russian Lecture
Franziska Heubacher: Potatoes
Herbert Fuchs: nervous

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